(dr. Mario Brandazzi, BOTANICAL)


The STUDIO performs consulting on a preventive basis and operates in highly specialized consultancies in the public and private sector.



Hedges, visual and acoustic barriers, ornamental groves and rare and unusual bamboo plantations

of multiple colors and shapes relying on the widest range of species and varieties in our country. Experience in the cultivation of different species has allowed us to fully understand all the various potentials of these essences.

The bamboos, useful for making stains and thickets with an exotic flavor or for unusual borders, are ideal to create "a green room all for oneself" (to paraphrase Virginia Wolf) reducing anxiety and stress to recover one's space. Irreplaceable to satisfy privacy requirements thanks to their rapid growth and their structure, they are able to guarantee total acoustic and visual coverage. Their very dense and compact growth, the dense evergreen foliage, the great vigor and the incredible speed of development, are fundamental characteristics for the creation of small and large natural acoustic and visual barriers, vegetable creatures capable of absorbing acoustic waves and electromagnetic as well as stopping fine dust. The choice of species is essential, each one suited to satisfying every single need, so as not to run into nasty surprises.

Water gardens / ornamental ponds
small water gardens, ponds, ornamental ponds not only beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, but functional from an ecological point of view, with the precise aim of creating water gardens with very low maintenance rustic plants.

Wetlands and nature reserves
we deal with the re-naturalization of parks and nature reserves, relying on accurate and methodical studies and taxonomic research carried out on the typical and original essences of Italian wetlands together with a long experience in the field.


for more than 20 years VIVAIBAMBÙ has been involved in the study, planning and arrangement of "Bio-lakes".

A biolagh designed with the necessary knowledge and experience is a low maintenance aquatic ecosystem where flora and fauna, aquatic plants and fish coexist in a pond, pond or pond, in the form of harmonious "symbiosis". The insertion of certain aquatic and marsh plants in the right relationship with present ornamental fish will determine the success of our biolaghetto.

The bio lakes we designed are real natural bio-pools that are absolutely suitable for bathing. VIVAIBAMBÙ will help you design the most suitable biolaghetto in relation to specific spaces and personal needs.